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Recruitment Policy: Anyone who wishes to join the guild must go through the recruitment process. The process consists of an application, interview and then a tryout period while within the guild.
Welcome to the website of the guild "Cowards Die in Shame."

This will be a guild who's aim is to be successful and enjoyable at the same time. That being said you will need to have a certain commitment level to enjoy running with this guild. We will not carry people who do not know how to play and will not put in the effort to increase their level of play while with this guild. We will assist players in their attempt to become better players. Some people my see what we do as harsh but any action taken will be in the goal of bettering the guild and making it more enjoyable for our members to play.

This guild consists of two main parts, PVP and PVE, that will assist each other in the completion of each parts' individual goals. That being if a raid needs assistance with filling out numbers for a raid night the PVP players would step in to fill the group. On the other side if an organized battleground group needs more players to fill up the group the PVE players would join. There will be no requirement that a member of either side must assist the other side.

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First Cata Raid! Great Success!

darthchaney, Jan 5, 11 3:55 AM.
 After our first scheduled guild raid, we downed Magmar in BWD and Wyrmbreaker in BoT!

Gratz to Dom, Moruki, Rusty and Darth for their loot, as well as our PuG priests who each walked away with some cloth gear!

New Site

TheAncientHelveticus, Dec 1, 10 3:11 PM.
This is the new site for the Alliance Guild Cowards Die in Shame
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